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About Joëlle's artistic passion

Exultation. Acrylics
Kayla. Acrylics
Colours, colours, colours to turn an ordinary object  into a bright piece of art.

Originally from France, I have been painting as long as I can remember.

I like to experiment with various media: watercolour, acrylics, pastels, pencil, rhinestones etc.. My inspiration comes from the colourful and vibrant landscape I am  lucky to be surrounded with in South East Asia. I am  fascinated by the multi-ethnic cultures  and people of  not only, my country of adoption for the past 30 years, Malaysia,  but also other countries as well. In my varied Artwork you will discover the diverse flora and fauna and the different ethnic groups that make up our wonderful world.  I am particularly fond of painting portraits with different media.


- OCTOBER 2017 : Art Within Theatre I. Group Art exhibition  at Penang Performing Arts Centre.

- FEBRUARY 2019: The Art Showdown at China House Penang. A group Art exhibition.

- MARCH 2019: You are all invited, a Group Art exhibition at China House, Penang.

- APRIL 2019: Art within Theatre II, Mother Nature, a Celebration. Group Art exhibition at Penang Performing Arts Centre.

- MARCH 2020: Art Within Theatre III, Growth. a Group Art Exhibition at Penang Performing Arts Centre.

I have a passion for handicrafts too: A simple object made of wood or clay  can come to life with the use of bright colours and designs.


Custom work is available : bring your own piece (furniture, boxes, antiques, etc.) and I shall paint it according to your own choice of design.

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